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Our brand protection agency is designed to help brands protect themselves and their customers by identifying and shutting down unauthorized sellers by providing support in cases of intellectual property infringement.

We utilize strategies and approaches that will comply with your brand protection plan, helping you identify and eliminate risks through every stage of your product’s lifecycle. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to expand your brand protection program, we will help.

Our team has created plans to track down companies, individuals, distributors, and DBAs that are actively misusing and selling your products. In addition to sending cease and desist letters, we request information of the source of the products when we are unsure, and we provide personalized support so you can inform us and update us whenever you get new resellers, make new connections with trusted distributors, or decide not to allow authorized resellers on 3P marketplaces.

We can also prepare complete reports for each case and deliver them to your attorney for litigation, and support them if required, in the event that the unauthorized resellers do not abide by our request.

Since we are always on top of things, we can identify typical behavior patterns; for instance, this reseller regularly changes title, image, ASINS, brand names, and listing formats.

With the Selegnapath plan, we aim to increase sales and brand experience by eliminating unauthorized sellers. We want to help you to increase your sales, so we will investigate and take action against anyone who is infringing on your intellectual property. Our monitoring solutions will keep you updated on the latest infringements and provide you with the information you need to take action.

Our Approach

Our focus at Selegnapath is to prevent counterfeit, trademark, copyright infringements, and other forms of intellectual property violations committed by distributors and resellers, whether they are authorized or not by you. Our brand protection strategies and approaches comply with your brand protection plan and help you identify and eliminate risks at every stage of the product’s life cycle.

Our brand monitoring service helps brands identify and stop unauthorized sources of counterfeit goods and provide a course of action in cases of any intellectual property infringement.

What We Do

Market Monitoring

Identify every website and marketplace where your products are sold, for how much, and by whom, and track these changes over time. This is the best way to ensure that you are gaining maximum visibility online and can quickly identify unauthorized distributors of your products.


Anti-counterfeiting is an important part of our brand protection solutions because it helps you to prevent counterfeiters from selling products that may bear your trademark. We are experienced in identifying and shutting down operations that promote counterfeit goods.

Trademark Monitoring

Our trademark and brand protection program also includes monitoring and enforcement of the copyright that your brand might be using. This protection program covers logos, product detail pages, brand names, product titles, and other aspects of your brand identity.

MAP & Resale Policy

MAP and authorized dealer networks' best-in-class, automated compliance engine is seamless to the reseller, and efficient for your compliance team. With MAP & Resale Policy Compliance you can reduce costs by eliminating manual processes, increase online revenue by enabling more retailers to sell your products, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that only authorized dealers sell your products.

Unauthorized Resellers

One of the most important parts of our brand protection solutions is identifying unauthorized distributors and resellers. We can also create complete reports on each case, which we will deliver to your attorney for litigation if needed. 85% - 96% of the unauthorized resellers are responsive, cooperate with the requests, so a litigation approach won’t be needed.


E-commerce brand protection helps you protect your brand products from being listed, promoted, distributed or sold without your consent. We have the tools and resources available to help you with this process so that you can focus on growing your business. E-commerce protection also helps you to monitor your products and prevent unauthorized distributors and resellers from selling them online, which can damage your reputation and sales.

Bilingual support

We understand that many of our clients are international companies that need bilingual support in order to protect their brands. Both English and Spanish speaking experts are available to help you with any and all brand protection needs making our services perfect for any business, especially those that are expanding into new markets.

Brand Content Protection

With our content protection services we ensure that the products you sell on e-commerce marketplaces are not copied or distributed without your consent. Brand content protection is an important part of our brand protection solutions. It will help you control how your products are presented online and prevents unauthorized distributors and resellers from benefiting from your hard work.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring will help you make sure that your brand identity and reputation are protected online. We have the tools and resources available to help you with this process so that you can focus your efforts on managing your brand and growing your business.

Our Values

Client Focus

Brand Integrity


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